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Polyethylene Fuel Tanks 1963-1977 J-truck

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Extra thick polyethylene replacement gas tanks. These tanks include new lock rings and o-rings, and fit all 1963-1977 J-series pickups (including J200, J2000, J300, J3000, J4000, J4500, J10, J20, Gladiator, etc).  Tank is 18 gallon capacity and has the large fill and vent port on the side of the tank.  Tank is also a direct fit for 1976-1977 models with the emission lines (if your 1976-1977 model doesn’t have the emission lines, you can cap those ports on the tank).


  • Fits 1963-1977 J-trucks including Gladiator
  • Nearly 1/4-inch thick for added strength
  • This tank will NEVER rust!
  • This tank can withstand -150F without freezing!
  • No welds or seams to fail or leak!
  • 5 year warranty
  • 18 gallon capacity
  • Free Shipping in the Lower 48!
  • Made in the USA
  • Strap Instructions HERE

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