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700R4 to Dana 300 Adapter with Output

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The Adapter: The Novak TH700R4 to Jeep Model 300 transfer case adapter is very compact at only 3.1" long for a combined transmission and adapter length of 26.5". The adapter itself is machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum, featuring thick flanges, a heavy cross-section and superior strength.

Transfer Case Clocking & Rotation Options: Our adapter is drilled for multiple clocking locations from near-factory (20 degrees down) to near-flat (3 degrees down). However, pan clearances and front axle width may inhibit the flatter options.

Rear Mount Provision: This transfer case adapter's design features a modular mounting and support system and mounting base, ready to accept our industry standard urethane isolator mount, available for purchase below.

Contents: Billet adapter housing, transmission output shaft, transfer case to adapter gasket, transmission to adapter sealing ring, fastening hardware, steel mounting base and instructions.

Our method keeps things clean, affordable and plenty compact for essentially any stock or lifted CJ7 and longer Jeeps.

Applications & Compatibility: Compatibility is for the 700R4 up through the early 4L60E with the four-bolt rear face.

Any version and year of the TH700R-4 can be adapted to the 300 transfer case, including "90 degree" (Gen. I, II, III V6 & V8 Small Block or Big Block engines) and "60 degree" (early S10 Blazer 2.8L engine style) versions of the 700, as determined by your choice of engine.

Transmission Output Shaft Version: The 137-A adapter is compatible with all versions of the TH700R4. If you have a 2wd TH700R4, a 4wd TH700R4 that is undergoing a rebuild anyway, are unsure what TH700R4 you have (or will have at the time of the conversion), or your D300 was just rebuilt (doesn’t leak) and you’d rather not open it back up the 137-A kit is your best choice. The new 23 spline TH700R4 output shaft is machined from 300M alloy steel which provides a substantial strength upgrade. The new Novak shaft splines directly into the OEM style input shaft of a 300 transfer case. This requires disassembly of the transmission, and we recommend the services of a transmission professional.

The basic installation is a 1.5-2 hour bench job and will include at least simple gasket and seal replacements. This is a good time for a more thorough master rebuild and update of the Hydra-Matic.  

Output Shaft Strength: We’re avoiding the problem of a broken shaft by going through the trouble and expense of making our output shafts from a solid bar of exceptionally strong 300M alloy steel, instead of lower grade alloys or friction welding salvage GM shafts. A second, sometimes less obvious but pernicious problem is the issue of warpage during friction welding and heat treating - which cannot be corrected when the shaft journals are already ground and worn at or below factory specifications. Novak shafts receive a final grind of bearing journals after the heat treat process to ensure the ultimate finish. The Novak shaft is produced to factory specifications with stress risers removed. Our 4-axis CNC cut of spiral gear, oil feed passages and other features are no small tasks. This attention to detail, maximized strength through design and material along with precise tolerances provide the ultimate parts for your project.



  • Fits All with 700R4 Transmission
  • Includes Billet adapter housing, transmission output shaft, transfer case to adapter gasket, transmission to adapter sealing ring, fastening hardware, steel mounting base and instructions.

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