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Small, Big Block and Diesel Chevy Motor Mounts

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Chevrolet Generation I & II V6 & V8 Engine Mounts
These engine mounts have been among Novak's flagship products for over 40 years now, and always popular. They've now combined these years of Jeep engine mount design, fabrication and installation experience into their newest generation of mount; our #MMX Series motor mounts for conversion engines.

Novak asked themselves if it could be possible to build a set of mounts that offered:
Their strength is attributable to their good design and generosity of material that features 3/16" steel construction. We believe they are insusceptible to collapse under the forces of even the wildest motors.
Placement & Adjustability
Our mounts allow the installer to make precise decisions as to engine placement in the Jeep's bay. The included frame brackets are designed to be welded to the inner frame rails. This allows for strength and freedom of placement.
The mounts' telescoping design allow for as much as 1-1/2" of engine offset to either the driver's or passenger's side. Height adjustment can be made at the frame brackets.
Acheiving a mounting system that is rife with features does the installer little good if they don't clear Jeep steering parts and the predominance of headers or factory manifolds.
Ease of Installation
No large drills or special shop tools are required for installation. All hardware is Standard (non-metric). You will require a welder or welding service to join the provided frame bracket to your Jeep frame. However, temporary (non-operational, mock-up) installation can be acheived using C-clamps.
Affordability Our #MMX mounts are modular, both in the sense of their construction and in their Jeep applications. We can build and inventory them in the kinds of quantities that help keep their expense in tow.
Vibration Isolation
Each mount kit comes with our high-grade urethane isolators that are gauged well for that ideal balance of isolation and firmness. The large 5/8" bolts and all associated hardware are included. Additionally, Novak will always be here to inexpensively provide replacement urethane bushings, if needed - years down the road.
Corrosion Resistance
Our #MMX mounts are zinc coated for resistance against corrosion. The frame bracket is in natural steel, such that it can be welded to your frame and enameled afterwards. If you have a certain theme to your installation, you may enamel, powercoat or otherwise finish the bracketry to your own style.

  • Fits All Full Size Jeeps
  • Engines Chevrolet Small Block V8, Generation I-II, 1955-1998+ (265-400, LT1, etc.)
  • Engines Chevrolet Small Block V6, Generation I-III, 1978-2007+ (200-262, 4.3L, etc.)
  • Engines Chevrolet Big Block V8, 1965-2007+ (409-454, 7.4L, 8.1L, etc.)
  • Engines Chevrolet I6 1962-1988 (250, 292) (if factory "V" brackets are installed on the block)
  • Engines Chevrolet Diesel V8 (6.2L, 1982-1993. 6.5L, 1992-1999)
  • Urethane Isolators included
  • Brackets designed to be welded in
  • Includes all hardware required for a seamless installation
  • Will NEVER collapse!
  • 3/16-inch thick steel

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