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Rebuilt TF727 Transmission

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BJ's Off-Road Rebuilt Transmissions!

Our builder begins with an inspected core, and then utilizes a specialized re-manufacturing process which often exceeds the factory specifications. Each unit is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Then each component is evaluated for wear and damage. Any hard parts that don’t meet the necessary tolerances are repaired or replaced, and all soft parts are replaced. If there are components that should be upgraded to improve or eliminate engineering shortcomings from the manufacturer, they are installed. The unit is then carefully reassembled. Each rebuilt transmission will include a torque converter that is matched in house! 

After being rebuilt, the transmission is painted and then tested on an Axiline dynamometer. This dyno thoroughly evaluates the performance of the rebuilt transmission by simulating operating conditions, much as if it were installed in the vehicle. Any final calibrations or adjustments are made at this point in the process. The re-manufacturing takes place in a precision, assembly-line process that delivers a high-quality finished product at a lower cost, making these transmissions the best value in the industry. You’ll find that our rebuilt transmissions are top-quality and very competitively priced.  After dyno testing, each unit is packed in shipping friendly packaging. 

**Note: Converter is INCLUDED! 

**Warranty Information:  All automatic transmissions have a 3-year or 100,000 mile (whichever occurs first) warranty standard!  That includes coverage for parts, freight, and labor nationwide (covers $120/hr labor rate, up to $125 rental reimbursement and up to $125 tow reimbursement).  You can also upgrade that to a Premium Warranty (which increases the labor rate to $160/hr, up to $350 for a rental car and up to $250 for towing) in the pull-down menu above.  Note that the Warranty is active the day it ships and install mileage must be recorded / documented and submitted.

**Core Charge: There will be a core charge that will be refunded when you return a rebuildable transmission (must be the same style / model as what was ordered).  You can also choose to have your core picked up and rebuilt, then returned to you if you prefer (return shipping on the core IS included).  This method allows you to keep your transmission that was original to the vehicle).  Note that Torque Converter Core must be sent in even if you are having your transmission rebuilt and returned.

This unit ships for free in the lower 48!!

**Note: image is for illustration purposes only, and actual unit received may be different.  4wd Adapter Housings are NOT included.

**CORE REFUND NOTE: All cores must be received back within 180 days of the original order date (NOT from when you receive the item) in order to receive a core refund to your original payment method.  After 180 days, core refunds are only available as store credit (no exceptions).  Also, all cores must be in good, rebuildable condition.  Any cores that have damaged / non-usable parts may incur charges (which will be deducted from the core return value). 

**Important Warranty Notes: this warranty covers manufacturing defects only.  It does not cover driveline alignment related issues, improper mounting, improper adjustments, running low on fluids, etc.  

HD Upgrade: The Heavy Duty Upgrade includes a shift kit for firmer, more crisp shifts (which reduces heat & slip, helping the transmission to last longer) and an upgraded Torque Converter that features braised fins and heavy duty bearings!



  • Fits 1980-1983 Wagoneer
  • Fits 1984-1991 Grand Wagoneer
  • Fits 1980-1983 Cherokee
  • Fits 1980-1988 J-10 / J-20
  • Models All with TF727 Transmission!
  • Includes Standard 3 year / 100k mile warranty!
  • Includes Torque Converter!

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