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Power Window Flex Track Passenger Side Imported

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Replacement Imported power window flex tracks. Do your windows make noise but don't move? Do your windows "skip" as they go up or down? If so, this is the fix for you. Installation isn't too bad, and this part will keep your windows moving for years to come!

Imported Version.

Click HERE for Installation Instructions

**Note: on the imported versions, they include a riveted-on plate and stud.  In order to use our Upgraded Lifter Roller Nut and Bolt, you will cut off the plate and stud, and remove them from the flextrack.

  • Fits 1980-1983 Wagoneer
  • Fits 1984-1989 Grand Wagoneer
  • Fits 1980-1983 Cherokee
  • Fits 1980-1988 J-10 / J-20
  • Models All with Power Windows
  • Note Late 1989 has the cable operated mechanism and doesn't require these
  • Fits Passenger Front and Passenger Rear Doors
  • Imported

Reviews (2)

  • elec window flex track

    Posted by Charles Gresham on Sep 19th 2023

    slotted part that attaches to the window frame itself was riveted - thought I had a messed up Torx screw when trying to remove it for installation - but ended up getting it installed okay.

  • Flex Track, new version life extension and installation

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 12th 2023

    Received a most welcome message from Ryan who confirmed that the new version with built in window frame follower ("T-connector") does need to be turned all the way to perpendicular position in the lower window frame slot, once pressed into place. That keeps the T-connector from coming out of the slot. If it's not turned 90 degrees, and comes out of the slot, next time the window is activated, there is a good chance the Flex Track will be fractured by abnormal loads. Also, to extend the life of the Flex Track BJ's recommends being gentle with the closure of the windows when near the top of their travel and then gently "bumping" the windows down ever so slightly to take the constant pressure off of the components. He said doing that will extend the life of the components, which makes complete sense. Hope this helps---the installation video BJ's have made is fantastic and another indication of their sincere interest in helping us get the most out of the parts they sell. Ryan's reply is yet another welcome indication of their caring attitude.