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LS Gen III & Gen IV Chevy V8 to Jeep TF727 / TF999 Transmission Adapter 716131-V

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Product Details

This adapter allows you to connect a Generation 3 or Generation 4 Vortec Chevy V8 engine (also called an LS engine) to a Jeep Torqueflite 727 transmission. The TF-727 must be originally coupled to a Jeep V8 or Straight 6. This adapter kit uses a factory Chevrolet flexplate which bolts to the included new aluminum torque converter ring. The kit includes an Adapter plate, torque converter adapter ring and hardware.

Part Number 716131-V.

**Note: these are assembled to order, and may take 3-10 business days or more to ship out.  Contact us for more details.

**Note: must use a Jeep 6-cylinder torque converter with this kit.  The V8 converter **MIGHT** work, but you will need to mock it up and compare measurements to those in the product instructions (sent with kit).

**NOTE: On this kit, there is no provision for hooking up the TV cable from the TF727 / TF999.  As such, you will have to fabricate something to work once you receive the kit.  There are no drawings or suggestions on how to do this, so you will either need to be good at fabrication, or have a fabrication shop do this for you.

**NOTE: You Will Need To Use A GM Starter For This Kit

  • Fits All with LS style Gen III / Gen IV Chevrolet V8 Conversion and stock Jeep TF727 / TF999 Transmission
  • Engines Chevy LS Series Gen III & IV
  • Transmissions Torque Flite TF-727 (1980-1991) & TF-999 (32RH) (1980-2002)
  • For the Gen I / Gen II & V6 Adapter, click HERE!

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