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With this you will be able to put an item (or items) on layaway.

Here is the process for FIRST TIME layaway orders:

  • First you add the item(s) to your cart
    • This will put the product on layaway for you.
    • We will store it and ship it when your layaway is paid off (custom-built items will commence building once layaway is paid off)
    • This locks in your price as well, if prices go up, we will honor the original layaway price
  • Proceed through Check Out, and select Cashier's Check / Money Order as the form of payment (this gets the order in our system without charging you the full amount)
  • In the Customer Comment section, add the following note: LAYAWAY ORDER
  • Next, complete checkout. 
  • Then, follow the steps in the section below as a separate order.


What to do after you have started your layaway:

  • Come back to this page
  • Add a layaway amount to your cart
  • Put your original order number in the appropriate field
  • Proceed through checkout
  • Continue until your item(s) and shipping are paid off


If you need to cancel your order, there will be a $25 fee involved in the cancellation of a layaway. If you choose to put another item on layaway, or purchase another item with your layaway money, we will waive this fee.

**NOTE: if you choose to add the layaway payment plus the items on your first order, be aware that our system will show that you are being charged the full amount of the items in addition to the layaway fee.  If this happens, we will adjust it manually on our end so that you are only charged for just the layaway payment amount. 

**NOTE: if there are any cents due when paying off your layaway, add the amount equal to or slightly over the balance due.  We will adjust the amount down internally before we charge you, so that you are only paying the amount due.

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