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Kaiser 230 OHC Straight 6 Engine Gasket Set

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Product Details

Complete Engine Gasket Set for the Kaiser 230 OHC Straight 6 Engine!  This high quality gasket set features all the gaskets and seals for your engine.  Help seal your engine up tight as a drum with this kit, and impress your friends at the same time! 

This kit includes the following gaskets: 

  1. Head Gasket
  2. Timing Cover to Block Pin Seal
  3. Valve Cover Grommet
  4. Valve Stem Seal
  5. Oil Pan Drain Plug
  6. Distributor Base, o-ring
  7. Rear Bearing Filler Block
  8. Fuel Pump Mounting
  9. Military Carb Base
  10. Timing Cover Seal
  11. Rear Main Seal
  12. Water Outlet
  13. Exhaust Pipe Flange
  14. Oil Pump Mounting
  15. Carburetor Base
  16. Lower Timing Plate-Civilian
  17. Upper Timing Plate-Civilian
  18. Water Pump Mounting
  19. Water Pump Mounting (Military Version)
  20. Intake Manifold
  21. Timing Cover Plate-Civilian
  22. Military Timing Cover
  23. Timing Cover-Civilian
  24. Exhaust Manifold
  25. Oil Pan Sides
  26. Valve Cover
  27. Oil Pan Ends

  • Fits 1963-1965 Wagoneer
  • Fits 1963-1965 J-trucks
  • Models All with Kaiser 230 OHC Straight 6 Engine

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