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GM Generation III & Gen IV V8 Conversion Engine Mounts 1980-1991

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GM Generation III and Gen IV V8 Engine Mounts
New Novak Conversion engine mounts for Full Size Jeeps, providing immense strength and a precise GM Generation III and Gen IV V8 engine installation.

Ease of Installation

These mounts are bolt-in style and detailed instructions will guide the installer for an ideal installation. We do recommend a weld be placed on these mounts for the best strength achievable.  Unbolting and removal of the factory frame mounts for factory Tornado, Buick and AMC engines is required.


Their strength is attributable to their good design and generosity of material that features 3/16" steel construction. Novak feels they are insusceptible to collapse under the forces of even the wildest motors.


We have predetermined engine placement for the installer. There is a very fine window in which the GM Gen. III and Gen IV V8 can properly fit into a FSJ Jeep, and we've done this design legwork already.


The mounts keep themselves out of the way of the steering and its pillow block, allowing the installer to keep the entire Jeep steering system intact and undisturbed. Clearance from all other retained factory components is also excellent.

Vibration Isolation

Each mount kit comes with our high-grade urethane isolators that are gauged well for that ideal balance of isolation and firmness. The large 5/8" bolts and all associated hardware are included. Additionally, replacement urethane bushings are available if needed - years down the road.

Engine Mount Finish

You may enamel, powdercoat or otherwise finish the bracketry and adjacent frame area to your own style.



  • Fits 1980-1991 Full Size Jeeps
  • Engines 1997-2011 LSx Engines (Gen III and IV 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2, Vortec, etc)
  • 3/16-inch thick steel
  • Brackets designed to be bolted in (welding is recommended for additional strength)
  • Urethane Isolators included
  • Includes all hardware required for a seamless installation
  • Will NEVER collapse!

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