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Flaming River Floor Shift 32" Polished Steering Column FR30002-32SS

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This column now features an integrated ignition key right into the tilt column. The key is located at the 3-o'clock position just like you would expect from Flaming River. No welded on attachments or extra relays. Flaming River manufactures the column complete with a GM coded key assembly, wiring and ignition switch made from state-of-the-art, all new components. Made in the USA. Steering wheel end is 13/16" with 36 spline (stock steering wheel is 36 spline).
Note: 1986-1991 models had the cruise control, wipers and dimmer switch located on the turn signal stalk, and are not compatible with this column.  If you wish to use this column on a 1986-1991, you will have to come up with an alternate way to mount / activate those items, separate from the column. 
**Note: If you will be installing one of our upgraded Heavy Duty Steering Shafts, you must contact us for a custom version shaft as the Flaming River Column will require a different upper joint than what ours comes with.
  • Fits 1973-1983 Wagoneer
  • Fits 1984-1985 Grand Wagoneer
  • Fits 1974-1983 Cherokee
  • Fits 1974-1985 J-10 / J-20

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