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Edelbrock 2132 Performer Plus Camshaft with Lifters

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Edelbrock's Performer Plus 2132 Camshaft kit is designed for optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range, Performer-Plus camshafts match with Performer manifolds for vehicles operating from off-idle to 5500 rpm. They are smooth idling cams for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs and 4x4s. You can expect a major improvement in throttle response and torque. All camshafts include flat tappet lifters, assembly lube and instructions.


  • Duration @ .050 Int / Exh: 204° / 214°
  • Lift @ Valve Int / Exh: .448" / .472"
  • Lobe Separation: 110°
  • Intake Center Line: 105°
  • Idle Vac. @ 1000 RPM: 15"

INSTALLATION NOTES: Use Edelbrock Performer Timing Set HERE.  Other timing sets may be machined in a retarded position and are not recommended for this camshaft installation.  The Edelbrock Performer Timing Sets features three keyways for specific timing selection.  Always use the – or straight-up timing mark when installing Performer-Plus camshafts with Performer Timing Sets.

**NOTE: Use only stock ratio rocker arms

  • Fits 1972-1983 Wagoneer
  • Fits 1984-1991 Grand Wagoneer
  • Fits 1974-1983 Cherokee
  • Fits 1972-1988 J-trucks
  • Models All with AMC V8 Engines
  • Recommended for 304, 360, 390 & 401 V8's
  • Items shown in image may vary from actual items

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