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Eaton Detroit Truetrac Limited Slip Differential Dana 60

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Product Details

Eaton Detroit Truetrac Limited Slip Differentials!  These helical gear differentials are designed to provide a quiet, automatic torque split.  Performs like a standard / open differential during normal driving conditions, and then transfers torque automatically to the wheel with better traction when one side starts to slip.

The internal helical-shaped gears then mesh with increased force until wheel spin has slowed or stopped completely.  As soon as the vehicle is back to regular traction, the limited slip resumes normal operation.

The Truetrac is smooth, quiet and automatic.  It will automatically engage without any driver knowledge or action required.   Also, it doesn't have any wearable parts and requires zero maintenance, meaning less time turning wrenches, and more time driving!


  • Helical-style gears
  • Limited-slip Operation (better road manners than a locker)
  • Smooth / Automatic Engagement - no input needed
  • Maintenance Free
  • Increased Performance and Durability



  • Fits Jeep J-20 Rear Dana 60 Axle
  • 30-Spline
  • Available Rear Only
  • 4.10-down (numerically) or 4.56-up (numerically)
  • Maintenance Free
  • Smooth / Automatic Engagement - no input needed
  • Helical-style gears

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