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Daniel Stern Volsa H4 Bulbs Ultra High Lumen

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These Daniel Stern Volsa Ultra H4 Bulbs are made exclusively for Daniel Stern Lighting and made to his specifications.  They are a massive improvement over the standard Volsa Ultra H4 bulbs. 

To start, these bulbs are based on the Vosla H4 +150 quartz bulb, but without that bulb's annoying, light-blocking blue tint, so that significantly more light reaches the road.  Then, they were specified to have improvements to the capsule, the fill gas, the filament winding and the beam-focus by precise filament focus.  This approximates the much-loved and long-discontinued Osram 70 / 65w bulb, which was (optimistically) rated at 2000/1350 lumens (but when tested realistically, consistently provided around 1900 / 1200 lumens).

The result is that these Vosla bulbs are providing between 2100 and 2200 actual lumens on high beam, and between 1195 and 1220 actual lumens on low beam!!!

For all intents and purposes this is the Osram bulb un-discontinued, but with longer lifespan because of better capsule and fill gas technology, and better beam focus due to better filament-focus precision.

For comparison, a standard off-the-shelf H4 (or 9003, HB2) bulb provides 1500 / 910 lumens on high / low.  The Vosla H4 +150 with the annoying blue tint on the glass provides 1590 / 990.  The increase in raw light (lumens) from this bulb is substantial, and that's in addition to the luminance improvement from the capsule / fill gas / filament winding and the beam-focus improvements from precise filament focus.  

All these improvements work together to give the you vastly better, safer, easier visibility at night, especially when compared with any other ‘legitimate’ compatible H4 bulb.

  • H4 60 / 55w Bulbs
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Daniel Stern Exclusive!

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