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Dakota Digital Four-Function Remote Entry Kits

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Product Details

Four-Function Remote Entry Kits 

The CMD-4000 Series remote systems are designed to lock / unlock doors or can be used to roll up / down your tailgate window (tailgate operation requires THIS KIT as well).  One of the key features of this kit is the Ignition Safety Lockout, which prevents doors from being accidentally unlocked via the key fob when the key is on.  
Most 1981-1991 FSJ’s came with door lock actuators already installed, which means you can connect this kit very easily.  If your 1981-1991 needs new actuators, we have them available in the pull down menu.  If you have a 1963-1980 model that didn’t come with power door lock actuators, we have universal units also available in the pull down menu (note that universal actuators for the 1963-1980 models will include basic hardware, and will require you to find a suitable mounting location). 
Some later models (1988-1991) were available with a keyless entry in the overhead console from the factory.  For those vehicles, installation is simplified as all the door lock actuator wires are in the overhead console, and you only need to connect 2 wires there to control the doors.  
Kit includes: 
  • Receiver 
  • 2- Four-Button transmitters 
  • 2- Single relay packs 
  • Emergency switch 
  • Installation Instructions


Installation Note: There are two 12v+ wires to be connected: one powers the electronics, while the other powers the front door actuators.  Those 12v+ wires need to stay separated (ie: do not combine those wires together) as the actuators take more current than the electronics of the CMD-4000.


Here is a video showing a customer that used the kit to operate their tailgate window (**Note: THIS KIT is required in conjunction with the Remote Entry kit for tailgate operation while retaining dash switch and tailgate switch operation to remain functional):




  • Fits All Full Size Jeeps
  • 4-button transmitter can be used to unlock doors, roll down windows, etc.



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