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Chevy V8 to Jeep TH400 Transmission Adapter 716133

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Product Details

This adapter allows you to connect a Chevrolet V8 engine or a Chevrolet 4.3L V6 engine to a Jeep TH-400 transmission. The TH-400 must be originally coupled directly to a Jeep V8 without any spacers or adapters, otherwise this kit will not work. The kit includes a crank spacer and flexplate spacers.
Part Number 716133.

**Note: these are assembled to order, and may take 3-10 business days or more to ship out.  Contact us for more details.

  • Fits All with Chevrolet V8 Conversion and stock Jeep TH400 Transmission
  • Fits All with Chevrolet 4.3L V6 Conversion and stock Jeep TH400 Transmission
  • Note Does Not Fit LS-Applications

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