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Aluminum Crossflow Radiator AMC V8 1972-1991

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New bolt-in aluminum crossflow radiators! The crossflow design has two 1-inch rows which offers better coolant flow and more cooling capacity than 4-core radiators. These radiators are available with a built-in automatic transmission cooler (select from the pull-down menu). These are fully welded (no epoxy, glue or gaskets).

These come set up for AMC V8 equipped Jeeps.

Note: transmission cooler lines relocated to driver side (longer flexible transmission cooling hose required).

Note: we recommend the use of Teflon applied to the transmission cooler fittings, but DO NOT use Teflon Tape, as it can bind and ruin the aluminum threads of the cooler. You should use liquid Teflon Tape instead.

Note: Stock Fan Shroud will not work with this radiator without modifications.


  • Fits 1972-1983 Wagoneer
  • Fits 1984-1991 Grand Wagoneer
  • Fits 1974-1983 Cherokee
  • Fits 1972-1988 J-trucks
  • Models All with AMC V8 Engines
  • Direct Bolt-in
  • 22-inch Wide Core
  • 3.5-inch Width
  • 16 Fins per Inch
  • Uses Stock Radiator Hoses!
  • Transmission cooler and petcock are 1/4-inch NPT threads
  • Click here for a bolt-on electric fan and shroud kit!
  • These are generally in-stock and ready to go!
  • Made in USA with USA made cores!

Reviews (3)

  • Jeep Lover

    Posted by Malcolm MacKinnon on Jan 17th 2022

    Running a 74 Wagoneer with a 401 and factory air in So-Cal with the temps regularly tipping over 220. After checking/replacing/repairing EVERYTHING else in the cooling system (water pump, radiator, head gaskets, thermostat, fan clutch) I FINALLY decided to pull the trigger on an aluminum radiator and oh so glad I did. I'm also running the Howell Fuel Injection which highly recommends (requires?) a 195 degree thermostat which limits the lower end of the operating range. Since installation it has been a solid 200-205 and have only seen 210 when heading into mountains while climbing a 6% grade at 70mph. Couple of footnotes. 1. Buy the shroud as well, just makes life easier. 2. Both radiator and shroud are very well made, shroud took a little minor grinding to fit (to be fair, I'm a bit OCD). 3. The space between the radiator and the fan clutch is REALLY tight, talking 3/8". Some fan clutches are taller than others and will hit the radiator so you may need grind down the clutch fins or dig through your pile of spare parts and find a shorter one. I was successful with the latter option.

  • Great upgrade

    Posted by Wendy on Aug 18th 2021

    Got this radiator because I have a 3" body lift on my Grand Wagoneer and have always had cooling problems mostly due to air path across the radiator. This single unit got rid of most of those problems with the increased volume and efficiency. had to do some modification of a fan shroud but havent seen over 200 degrees since install.

  • Radiator / Fan Shroud

    Posted by Matt Barlow on Apr 4th 2021

    Just installed the radiator / fan shroud combination. This is the single best value I have done in the 15 years that I have owned my Wagoneer. Cooling problems - GONE. Both were packaged in an indestructible manner, both arrived in perfect condition, easy direct-fit installation. If you are new to Wagoneer ownership - do this upgrade FIRST. If you have has one for a while - stop putting off the upgrade that provides the best value to the drivability of your Wagoneer.