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1963-1973 Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

$679.00 - $779.00
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Product Details

Our Front Disc Brake conversion kit is a complete kit to convert your front drum brakes to disc brakes! No more relying on outdated and failure-prone front drum brakes. Step into the modern age and stop your FSJ in a much shorter distance with our disc brake upgrade kit! This conversion is a must for those with larger tires or lift kits!

Kit includes new hub and thick rotor, caliper brackets, rebuilt calipers with pads and banjo bolts, plus new bearings, races and seals.  Brake Lines are additional (optional) and can be ordered via the pull-down menu.  The brake lines in this kit are 3/8", and you may have to adapt them to your application depending on fitting size and type at the existing hardline.

NOTE: On some 1971 and earlier rigs you must change to 1972-later wheels, aftermarket wheels, or grind the caliper to clear early model wheel rivets.

**Note: picture shown is representative, and is for illustrative purposes only.

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  • Fits 1963-1973 Wagoneer
  • Fits 1963-1973 J-trucks
  • Models 5-Lug Front Axles Only
  • Models Dana 27, Dana 30 and Dana 44 Axles with Closed Knuckles
  • Retains your stock 5-lug bolt pattern!
  • Instructions Available Here
  • Caliper Brackets Made in the USA!

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