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Hydroboost Brake Conversions CJ5 CJ7 CJ8 CJ10 YJ

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This is one of the best brake upgrades you can do to a CJ-7, CJ-8 and YJ! The stock vacuum booster (either single or double diaphragm) leaves a lot to be desired. This Hydroboost System uses power steering fluid to energize your system, completely replacing your Vacuum Booster. These kits come stock on New Heavy Duty and Diesel Trucks for their amazing stopping power!

This unit will bolt straight to bolt holes on your firewall. This hydroboost unit will ship with the firewall mounting bolts and the nuts for the MC bolts. The accumulator may be a different color (shown in gold).

This hydroboost is a short-input style that requires a dimple-input master cylinder.  Long-input master cylinders are not compatible.

**Note: if you are converting from manual brakes, the manual brake pedal will sit higher with the hydroboost.  In order to have a lower pedal, you will need to swap to a power brake pedal as they have a different ratio which locates them down a bit.  
**Note: If you order the pressure hoses, note that you may have to slightly bend the lines to fit correctly.  
Once ordered, contact us with your order number and we will email instructions / guides to help with the install.

**NOTE: DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, depress the brake pedal without the master cylinder fully connected / installed / seated!  If you do, this will cause the pushrod, spring, baffle and retainer to shoot out under incredible force and at incredible distances.  This has the potential to seriously injure bystanders and cause major damage.  It can also damage / ruin the hydroboost.  

  • Fits CJ-7
  • Fits CJ-8
  • Fits YJ
  • Fits CJ-5 (We'll need to know bolt pattern and brake rod length)
  • Fits CJ-10 CJ-5 (We'll need to know brake rod length)
  • NEW (not remanufactured) Hydroboost Unit
  • Dramatically Increases your Braking Power!
  • A Must for all CJ7 / Cj8 / YJ Models, Especially with Larger Tires
  • Bolt-on Conversion - Must Use Factory Aluminum Firewall Spacer (if was originally equipped)
  • Power Steering Required
  • 1974-1991 Hydroboost FAQ Information
  • Tee Fitting Included

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