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Hell Creek Suspension 1963-1969 J-Truck 4-inch Lift Kit

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Hell Creek Suspension 4-inch Lift Kit for the 1963-1969 J-Trucks, including the Gladiator.  This Suspension System is All-Spring with NO BLOCKS! Made in the USA with 5160 Alloy Steel that originates in the USA or Canada.  Impress your friends, clear more obstacles, and make your rig look like it SHOULD have from the factory! You'll be amazed at how comfortable the ride is and how much better your off-road performance will be!

On the bushing options, be sure to measure carefully as there are exceptions to this list.  The bushings are not interchangeable, each size and type are specific to the vehicle they are being installed on. 

Note: the rubber post bushing on the front springs is no longer available, so it will come with a brass post bushing.  We still need to know if you have a front rubber or brass shackle bushing.

Note: these are made to order (allow 4-5 weeks to ship).

Note: U-Bolts are NOT included.  You will need to source those locally, available at most auto parts stores.


  • Fits:1963-1969 J-Trucks
  • 4" Lift, 1/2-Ton Capacity Springs
  • 4 New Leaf Springs (No Blocks)
  • U-Bolts are NOT Included (You Will Need To Source Those Locally)
  • Will accommodate up to a 33-inch tire on J-trucks
  • Spring Eye Bushings included
  • Springs are Made in the USA!!
  • Front pack has 7 leaves each, and rear pack has 5 leaves plus 1 overload leaf

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